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In school, Allison was a very competitive team sport player and almost pursued a career as a physical education teacher, but snooker was the game she excelled in. She got her start in Snooker by simply falling in love with the game.

“My first interest in snooker occurred when I was seven years old. My dad was watching a snooker competition on the television, and I liked what I saw so much that I asked for a table. Being the youngest and spoilt, my with was granted. I became the proud owner of the smallest competitive table on earth: 1.5 long. I graduated to a 6’ x 3’ table when I was eleven years old, and challenged everyone who entered our house. Whether they liked it or not! When I was twelve years old, I went to the Peacehaven Central Club with my parents where, for the first time I saw a full size snooker table(12’×6’). I had a burning desire to play on it. I went home that night and I was crying in bed. My mum came in and asked me what was wrong. “I want to play on the big table.’ I replied. So she asked my dad to ask the owner, John Copper, if I could play on it. And he made my dreams come true.”

At thirteen Allison got into a league, and at fifteen she was seriously competing in the world of Snooker. By the age of seventeen, she had won her first world title and never looked back. From then until the age of twenty-seven. Allison Fisher was a dominant  force in the world of Snooker, She left Snooker, winning over 80 national titles and eleven world championships, including three mixed doubles and the only Ladies Mixed Doubles event ever held. She played in her first Women’s Professional Billiards Association (WPBA) Tournament in October 1995. This newcomer startled everyone by winning two of her four events, and by placing third in the World Pool Association (WPA) World 9-Ball Championship In 1996 Allison continued to storm the tour with seven first place finishes, and a # I ranking. As she would for the next three years, Allison earned Player of the Year honors from Billiards Digest and Pool and Billiard Magazine. She also won her first WPA World 9-Ball championship, and her first WPBA Championship.

She kept up her stellar performances in 1997 by winning six of eleven WPBA events. Allison defended her championship when she again won the WPA World 9-Ball title. As in 1996, this year saw Allison Fisher end with the # I ranking in the WPBA. Her peers also honored her with a “Most Congenial Player” award from the Year-End Billiards Digest Awards.

On the personal side, Allison is British enough to miss her Mom’s pot roast, the atmosphere in pubs, small villages, lifelong friends and family, and Alfie, her dog. Never one for the “bar scene,” a GREat evening for Allison is to have good food, good friends, and a night of laughter ·····

As good as she has been for the game. Allison is quick to point out that it has been even to her. Allison Fisher has always counted her blessings and since her beginning, she has never hesitated to give her time to worthy charities. She has a heart of gold and never hesitates to involve herself where she can help others.

Her sponsors are proud to have her associated with them, and Allison only promotes what she believes in .Be sure and take a peek at her sponsor page, as well as Allison’s new line of signature cues. Allison is also developing a new series of instructional videotapes that are intensely focused on the fundamentals, concentration and technique that have made her game what it is today. With Pool and Billiards on the rise with Olympic recognition. And even more television exposure thanks to the WPBA; Allison Fisher continues to be at the top of her game. Her desire is to see the sport enjoy the same “boom” in popularity that tennis enjoyed in the 1970’s. For Allison the sport itself comes ahead of the player. Family, friends, her new home and the intense level of competition keep her on her toes and enjoying life to its fullest. As Allison would say “Cheers all! Hope to see you soon!”

埃里森在学校时,就是个优秀的运动队队员而且差点当了sports/ target=_blank class=infotextkey>体育老师,但她最擅长的是斯诺克。她开始打斯诺克完全是出于对这个项目的热爱。

“我最初对斯诺克产生兴趣是在七岁的时候。当时爸爸正从电视上观看一场斯诺克比赛,我看到后非常喜欢,于是就想要一张球桌。作为家中的老小被娇生惯养,我的愿望被满足了。我荣幸地成为这张世上最小的比赛球桌的主人:桌长一又二分之一尺。十一岁时我升级到使用一张6乘3尺的球桌,并向每个进我家的人挑战,不管他 们喜不喜欢。十二岁时,我和父母一起去皮斯汉温中心俱乐部,在那里我头一次见到了一张标准尺寸的斯诺克桌(12乘6尺)。我心急火燎,跃跃欲试。当晚回到家我在床上哭了。妈妈进来问我怎么了。‘我想在那张大球桌上打球,’我答道。于是她叫爸爸问问球桌的主人——约翰·库伯,我可不可以在那上面打台球,结果他使我的梦想成了真。”


1997 年她一直表现出色,赢得了十一项WPBA中的六项。埃里森用再度获得WPA世界九球冠军捍卫了自己的冠军地位。像1996年一样,1997年埃里森·费希尔以在WPBA中排名第一而告终。她的同事也称她为“最和善的球员”,这是年终台球文摘奖的其中一项。





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