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Steven Jobs

Apple Computer

3-year return: 26%

AGE: 42

CEO since: 1997 史蒂夫·乔布斯






Here's a guy with enough savvy and brainpower to effectively hold down two CEO jobs at once--and do a pretty amazing job at both. We've listed him for his post at Apple, but of course Steve Jobs also runs Pixar, the animation company. Jobs arrested Apple's slow death spiral and even put some oomph back into the pioneering computer firm he helped found. Coming in after a $1 billion loss in fiscal 1997, Jobs turned a $106 million profit--38 percent above Wall Street's consensus target. A lot of credit goes to a very simple idea: Make computers in different colors. Jobs was the only one who thought to make it happen. The colorful mid-priced iMac has also succeeded by playing down the compatibility conundrum. Apple positioned it as the machine for the Internet, where compatibility questions are no big deal. Behind the scenes, Jobs also streamlined the product line, reduced the head count, consolidated distribution, and slimmed inventory. Meanwhile, over at Pixar, A Bug's Life nabbed a total $159 million in domestic box office, the highest domestic animated take since Toy Story and third highest ever, after Toy Story and the leader, The Lion King.

这儿我们要给您介绍的是一位能够同时兼做两份CEO工作的才华出能人。我们将他的任职公司写为苹果公司,而实际上史蒂夫·乔布斯同时还是另一家蓬勃发展的公司PIXAR的员工。乔布斯被APPLE公司慢耗损的螺线所吸引,他甚至为这家他帮助创立的电脑公付出了较大的努力。1997年,在这家公司亏损达到10亿美元的时候,乔布斯加入了APPLE公司,之后他为公司赚取了1.06亿美元的利润--有38%以上的产品销往美国华尔街。许多成功的实践均来自于一个很简单的创意:例如让电脑换一种颜色。乔布斯是唯一的一个创意者和实践者。多色泽、中等价位的iMac的成功还在于它解决了计算机兼容性的难题。APPLE电脑定位于因特网,因为在因特网上兼容性并不是一个较大的难题。乔布斯新改进了生产线,减少了磁头数,稳定了分布率,并且还减少了库存。同时,PIXAR公司在国内市场中占有总计1.59亿美元的收入,位居第三位,仅次于Toy Story 和领头羊Lion King 。而另一方面乔布斯在PIXAR也有着出色的表现。

Business philosophy: "The technology isn't the hard part. The hard part is, Who's going to buy it? How are they going to buy it? How do you tell them about it?"


Headaches: Multifold. Apple is still a pip-squeak to the Wintel Goliath. With less than 10 percent of the computer market, Apple needs to lure more software makers into producing programs for the Mac. The company has cut about as much as it can. Now it has a tougher job: Make sales grow. And what's the follow-up? Jobs probably also hasn't been spending as much as he should on research and development. Finally, where is his successor? Pixar, a collegial place, can run without him--but what about Apple? Not a good place for a boss who refuses to remove the "interim" prefix from his CEO title.

最头痛的事:多方面的。APPLE公司仍然只是Wintel Goliath方面(意指微机的体系结构由MS-WindowsCAO作系统和的Intel的CPU组成)的小人物。 其电脑市场的占有率还不到10%。APPLE公司需要吸引更多的软件制造商投入到多存取计算机的电脑编程方面的生产中。该公司已经在这方面做了许多力所能及的工作。现在,他们又面临着一个新的难题:使销售业绩更上一个台阶以及接下来应该开发什么样的新产品?在研究和开发新产品上,乔布斯很可能还没有投入更多的精力。最后一个问题是,乔布斯的继任者应该是谁呢?PIXAR公司是一个大学云集的地方,它的CAO作和运营可以没有乔布斯--可是APPLE公司呢?

Management Style: At Apple, Jobs is a mercurial micromanager--some say nanomanager. Virtually every decision goes by him. "At any time, 10,000 employees are wondering, 'What would Steve say?,' not 'What is the right thing to do?'" said a former Apple exec. At Pixar, realizing that he isn't a film visionary, he leaves the experts to their knitting.

管理风格:在APPLE公司,乔布斯是一位机智善变的微软经理--也有人说他是非线性方面的经理。事实上,每一项决策都是由他来制定的。 "在任何时候,一万名员工都会在考虑:史蒂文会怎么看呢?而不是:正确的做法应该是怎么样的?"APPLE公司的前任CEO如此评价说。而在PIXAR公司,他则会放手让他的专家们自己潜心研究。

Habits: Known for casual dress, he cruises the office shoeless and in a sport shirt--but don't mistake him for laid-back. Snacks on granola doused with apple juice.

习惯:乔布斯是一个以便装形象出名的人。在办公室里,他从不穿鞋,并且总是穿着一件运动衫--但是,请不要误解为他是一个松懈懒散的人。他喜欢将格兰诺拉麦片蘸上苹果汁来吃。   How he got the job: The Apple board begged him to return.


True story: Former Newton palmtop chief Sandy Benett told his underlings that the subsidiary would be folded back into Apple--before Jobs had made an official announcement. After the news leaked, Jobs fired Benett.

真实故事:前任牛顿(Newton) 掌上电脑的负责人莎迪o伯耐特(Sandy Benett)曾告诉他的手下人说,其子公司将被并入APPLE公司--此事发生在乔布斯尚未就此发表正式声明之前。该消息被泄露之后,乔布斯便开除了伯耐特。

Financial reward: His Apple rewards are minimal--a salary of one dollar a year so that his family is eligible for the health plan. But his 69 percent share of Pixar is worth about $1.3 billion.


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